are you looking for vacation pictures

They’re over here. I sorta moved my blog back over to blogger. It’s a little more user-friendly – and you know, since I have a degree in IT and all, I need something idiot proof. Or, I like the prettiness of it? I do like that. I made the background one day while I was bored at work. So update your bookmarks and feed readers cause I’m jumping ship. I’m not going to shut this blog off cause all of the comments are still here (I couldn’t get them to move over to blogger) and I love comments!

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Do you see the resemblance? compareWe were watching parts of Cast Away on TV last night and Isabelle kept looking at the TV and saying, “Dada?”

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I feel like I blog a lot until I see that it’s been 6 days since my last post. I don’t have anything exciting to post today so I’ll just leave you with a link to my “cooking blog“. I’m not much of a cook but I like to post recipes that we like. It’s basically a way for me to keep track of things.

We’re headed to the Dells this weekend so I should have a lot of pictures to post next week.

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february twenty fifth

Today marks the anniversary of a few things:

A) Isabelle’s first ear infection
B) 1-year at my job!
C) The 26th birthday of my husband

Since my job is the least exciting of the 3 and Isabelle’s first ear infection isn’t something I want to relive, here are some photos of the last year to celebrate my awesome husband!


Last year’s (golden) birthday.


Last Spring. Cleaning up the yard.


Getting together with our birth class downtown.


4th of July.


Picking apples.


We got a good one!


Riding Shamu.


Silly Polar Bear.




Enjoying the ocean.


Protecting Isa from Santa.


Riding the tractor back with our Christmas tree.

Happy Birthday, Johnas! I love you.

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more smartness & some not-so-smartness

Just the other day, I posted a few words that Isabelle uses. That night, she started using “down”. Not down like I want you to put me down, DOWN! like “Lexi, get down!” She really does pick up on a lot these days. She also signed her first phrase – more milk. She doesn’t sign a whole lot but she knows some of the basics.

She may be picking up on things but potty training is definitely not one of them! Last night, she pointed to her diaper and whined, “ehh, ehh” which means, “I have a wet diaper”. It was about 10 minutes before bath time so instead of taking her downstairs to get a new one, I just took it off and let her run around a bit. I could tell when I took it off that she had just gone. I knew she wouldn’t go on the potty but I put her on it anyway to get her used to sitting on it. She sat for a while and then whined to get down. I got her down and she played in the bathroom for a while. Mostly picking up the stool and moving it and climbing on it and then off and then moving it and repeat. She eventually put it in front of the toilet, squatted, and pooped. I think she knew she had to go but she doesn’t know what to do yet. So I picked her up as fast as I could to put her back on the potty but it was a little too late. Or a lot to0 late. I cleaned up and she helped me flush. It was just about bath time so I was about to get the water ready, and… she peed on the floor!

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baby talk

Isabelle doesn’t talk much but here’s a list of what she does say. Mostly for my reference but I thought some of you lurkers readers might enjoy it too. :)

oosh (juice)
Mama – only when asked

And… her favorites:

no no no

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i’ve reached my goal

But don’t let that stop you! Did you see the March for Babies link on the right? A group of girls and I are walking in honor of our friend Danica and all families that have gone through the stresses of having a premature baby. The walk isn’t until April so I’ve got a lot of time left to fundraise. If you have a few dollars to spare, click on the link to go directly to my page. You can donate online with a credit card or via paypal, or you can contact me to donate by cash or check.

If you’ve already donated, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It is very much appreciated.

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